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Testimonial_QuotationMarkHaving a young leader like Kristen Hadeed in the world gives me hope for the future. In a world in which numbers often seem more important than people, Kristen remains steadfast in her belief that her people are always her priority. We could all learn a lot about what it means to lead from Kristen.”

Student Body President ’13-’14  
University of Florida

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen has the ability to connect with all students in a way no one has ever done before and in ways that most people, even speakers, cannot do on a daily basis. Every time I have seen Kristen in a college environment, she brings a sense of fresh air and also a connection that almost every college student can relate to in any given circumstance. She is very engaging, energetic, funny, motivational, but also is someone everyone wants to listen to rather than check their Facebook on their phone during a talk.”

Awesomely Simple

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen is an absolutely AMAZING speaker and will no doubt wow any audience she speaks to, but she is especially inspirational and motivating to a college audience. They see themselves in her – and she has so much credibility and passion that she gives them hope and determination to make great things happen. Kristen Hadeed is going to touch many, many lives from the stage – she has the story, the look, the presence, energy and conviction – she is truly the real deal. If you want someone to thrill an audience with an inspirational story, tremendous passion, and superb connection – Kristen is the right person to hire.”

Assistant Director for Leadership Development 
Georgia State University

Testimonial_QuotationMark[Kristen] did a great job connecting with the students. She used humor and a fun power point presentation to keep people engaged. She was super easy to work with and great in communication.”

Student Body President ’12-‘13  
University of Florida

Testimonial_QuotationMark[Kristen’s] positive and engaging personality attracts students far and wide from different backgrounds. People want to hear her speak because her message is empowering and her drive is infectious. As a former UF alumni, our students look to Kristen for inspiration, not just to be entrepreneurs, but to chase their dreams and follow their heart. I think that it is important for Kristen and her message to be exposed to as many students as possible. Nowadays, students sit on their phones through lectures and speakers, but Kristen connects so well that throughout the crowd everyone is focused on her.”

Tranquil Home

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen has been a massive help to our business, many obstacles we have completely dodged thanks to Kristen’s advice. It is really great to be able to pick someones brain who has the keys to success and is willing to make you a copy! We credit our consultations as a huge part of our growth, and plan on continuing them indefinitely.”

Kappa Alpha Theta  
University of Arizona

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen was so amazing and our sorority really enjoyed having her! From the beginning, she was so prepared and professional. She was very bubbly and [her] exciting personality made it enjoyable too. From her adorable outfit to her stage presence, she nailed it up there! Her speech was perfect for young women in college. We could really relate to what she was saying. Kristen inspired so many of us and girls are still talking about her speech several days later. [Kristen] connected with the audience with her powerful body language and voice that projected throughout the room. She didn’t even use a microphone, and the entire audience was engaged from the start to end.“

Managing Partner 
Koch Group, Northwestern Mutual

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen recently spoke to our organization, Northwestern Mutual, and she shared her quick rise in the business world to our new associates. We were all fired up hearing her no quit attitude, strong belief in what she delivered, and being the best in her industry. Kristen impressed us with her knowledge of our business and taking the time to relate her winning experiences to what we do…She will obviously continue to have great success with her future business endeavors.”

VP Of PR & Programming 
Northwest Missouri State University

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen was amazing to listen to! She was so prepared and tailored her talk specifically to Northwest, which was just what we needed. I really appreciated that she was so easy to talk to and work with!”

Keller Williams

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen is a natural speaker and leader. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her audience as she relays tales about business, entrepreneurism, team building, and life. Her compassion for people shines, along with a sense of humor that engages and makes for a very enjoyable learning experience.”

Executive Board  
University of FL – Alpha Kappa Psi

Testimonial_QuotationMarkKristen has a gift for building a personal connection with people. During Alpha Kappa Psi at UF’s mentoring event, her story and experiences immediately garnered the attention of our members. When sitting down with Kristen, it is so easy to relate to what she has to say–that is what makes her such an incredible speaker and leader. She inspires you to pursue your dreams and empowers you to make the decisions to achieve them. It is undeniable that hearing Kristen’s story will captivate any audience.”

TEDxUF 2012 Curator  
University of Florida

Testimonial_QuotationMarkI knew she was a fantastic businesswoman, and I had seen her speak at one of my classes but what could she share with an audience of over 1,000 people, while delivering an energetic and fast-paced talk? I won’t ruin the surprise (Watch it on YouTube!) but I was amazed with the final product; Kristen blew her TED Talk out of the water and emerged as one of the highest rated speakers at the event.”

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